The Global CEO
The Global CEO
Tracie Collins™

Where business owners THRIVE GLOBALLY

Like-Minded Entrepreneurs coming together to Level-UP and Go Global !


I am a Master Manifestor! I grow something from nothing. I've created international cooperation with significant Fortune 500 companies knocking down my door begging to become a part of—I've taken no investor or venture capital. All done by God's grace and my innovation.I structure and build companies aimed at success. I can help you do the same through hard work, dedication, and consistency. It's time to become a Global CEO—no more trading your physical presence for money. Learn to make money in your sleep and only work when and how you want to. Clock in for yourself, anywhere on this planet, while living the life you deserve. That is exactly what I have done, and I want to teach you to do the same.

Why You Should be a Global CEO

  • Here is where you gain an online community of like-mined souls who are here for one common goal, to go Global!
  •  To Level Up their business or brand to work from anywhere on the Global. Global citizens or digital nomad. Gone are the old ways of making money. The world has changed and in the Global CEO community, you will have access to actionable items to take the necessary steps to live the life to deserve. 
  • Learn to put automated systems in place that work for you
  • Simplify and redesign your life
  • Learn from other experts
  • Gain steps to digitize your business
  • Learn global strategies of living and earning 
  • Within this space, have the opportunity to be privately mentored by me. Together, we will tailor design your business so you can scale its growth. 
  • In GLOBAL CEO, I go LIVE for inactive Q & A sessions. 
  • There will be experts brought in that will help evaluate your experience so whatever product or service your business to created around, your customers and clients will thrive. 

Redesign you on your own terms. The world is waiting. Go Global!

Congratulations on betting on You!

Stop waiting until tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come. You are one step closer and just before you move forward, I want to congratulate you for getting this far. Congratulations on knowing you deserve more. Congratulations on knowing your deserve better and you are worthy. Now is the time to take things to the next level. The world waits for no one. 

I never met anyone who regretted betting on themself! 




 There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Please make sure you are fully committed to go GLOBAL and read the terms & conditions before joining this exclusive community.


The purchase terms present the tiered membership starting as low as $99 a month on the 12-month program or $1,100 a year. There are three membership levels with the top tier offering one-on-one business coaching. 


No, you do not! With Global CEO, all you need is a brilliant idea, a smart device, good connection, innovation and immense dedication and you are ready to roll.    

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